ISB : Functions

The Stud Book Authority of India is entrusted with multifarious responsibilities pertaining to all activities of breeding. The Stud Book Department also publishes catalogs, Return of Mares; and brings out the sale catalog for the annual auction sale of Royal Western India Turf Club which is held at the Pune premises in the second week of February. The Stud Book Authority of India provides services like providing pedigree sheets, confirmation of parentage of new born horses, in short provides all technical information and data that one needs to know about the thoroughbred breeding scene in India. The Stud Book Authority of India publishes results of all pattern races run in India. Apart from its monthly newsletter, the Stud Book Authority of India publishes statistics pertaining to Breeding Establishments and statistical data pertaining to stallions currently active in the country as also all performance of all racehorses in India, detailed under their dams.

The functions of the Stud Book Authority of India are categorized as follows:-

(a)To represent India at International Stud Book and Breeding fora.

(b)To prescribe, and periodically revise, as and when found necessary, such rules and regulations as are necessary to carry out its functions.

(c)To register breeding establishments.

(d)To register broodmares and stallions for breeding purposes.

(e)To register and keep records of coverings, births, deaths, movements, pregnancy, foal casualties, ownership details and microchip implants of all stock on its records.

(f)To issue Passports and Export Certificates when required.

(g)To publish: -

(a)Return of Mares annually.

(b)Indian Stud Book every four years.

(c)Stallion Register every four years.

Committee Members

The Committee of the Royal Western India Turf Club, Ltd. (R.W.I.T.C. Ltd.), as elected annually, is ipso facto the Committee of the Stud Book Authority of India.


  1. Mr. S. R. Sanas, Chairman
  2. Mr. Jiyaji M. Bhosale
  3. Mr. Khushroo N. Dhunjibhoy
  4. Mr. Sunil G. Jhangiani
  5. Mr. Gautam P. Lala
  6. Mr. Jaydev Mody
  7. Mr. Vijay B. Shirke
  8. Dr Ram H.Shroff
  9. Mr. Shiven Surendranath


  1. Mr. Gautam P. Lala, Chairman
  2. Mr. Shivlal R. Daga
  3. Mr. Khushroo N. Dhunjibhoy
  4. Mr. Dilip P. Goculdas
  5. Ms Ameeta Mehra
  6. Mr. Vispi Patel
  7. Mr. Zavaray S. Poonawalla
  8. Mr. Gaurav Rampal
  9. Dr. F.F. Wadia

Keeper & Registrar

Mr Satish R. Iyer