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Welcome to Indian Stud Book

The Stud Book Authority of India (SBAI) is the nodal agency for all matters concerning registration of breeding establishments, thoroughbred stallions, thoroughbred mares and newly born thoroughbred foals in India. It is responsible to maintain on its record,Identification details of thoroughbred horses in India. The SBAI has also been entrusted with the responsibility of approving names for racing horses. The Committee of the Royal Westren India Turf Club, Ltd. (R.W.I.T.C.Ltd), as elected annually, is the Committee of the SBAI.

The SBAI can appoint from time to time the following to aid it in the discharge of its duties:-

(a) A Stud Book Working Group, consisting of such number of Club Members of the R.W.I.T.C.Ltd, as may be decided by SBAI, at its sole discretion, who are knowledgeable in stud book matters, but not necessarily members of the Committee of SBAI in that year.

(b) The Keeper of the Indian Stud Book, who is the official representive of the SBAI.

(c)The Registrar, Indian Stud Book, who is the chief executive official of the SBAI. [Any or all of said appointees can be changed or removed or appointed in dual or all capacities as it may deem fit from time to time]